Surprise yourself!

Be the best version of you

3 simple assessments to align you

with your inner values and strenghts:

  1. your genius
  2. your passion
  3. your purpose.

 Set your goals for how you want to

  • learn
  • live
  • earn
  • and give

GeniusU gets you many microstep courses on entrepreneurship and personal development.

  • Design your ideal life and business
  • Guidance on writing your 3 month vision
  • Tools and resources so you can learn how to use your internal Genie.

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Discover your talent, passion and purpose

Your Genius


Want to feel like a genius?

Know what kind of work or goals does/does not suit you.

Find out which path will support you.


When you follow your natural genius, you live life with less resistance.

Joy and success flow more naturally towards you.


Take the simple and free Genius Test and discover your genius.


(Hope you don't mind to register first.)

Your Passions


How can you align your life to your passions?

With this test you will gain clarity about how to align your life to your most important passions.


Learn how to redesign how you learn, live, earn and give in a way that sparks your passions.


Find out how to connect your team and clients to their passions in a way that creates powerful, lasting impact. Take the free Passion Test.

Your Purpose


Finally discover your true ‘why’ with the Purpose Test.


What is it that you really want to contribute to? What gives you joy, inspiration and energy?


And learn the key steps to align your daily life to your deepest meaning and motivation.


Align with others who have the same purpose as you and give back through our partners, Buy1Give1.

Note: When you combine your results from the Passion Test with your results from the Genius Test, you are on your way to designing a life that fits your passions and your talents by combining the things you love with the things you do best.